Why Is WordPress Used So Much, When We All Know How Bad It Is?

WordPress Is Bad & Always Has Been

I came to my site to write up a new blog post on a particular tech thing that was causing me some grief today (It’s a Bootstrap thing with Alert messages & will be my next entry.)

I wasn’t going to use WordPress on my site again, because in the distant past I had used it and even though I kept it updated it still got overtaken by some drive-by virus.  That was a long while ago so I thought maybe I could be lazy and just use WP.

Site Health Status

When I got to my dashboard I saw a message that I should check Site Health Status.



I clicked it and only saw on item which was the following (very confusing).

I then clicked on the team handbook and I got to the section which talks about PHP version which lists the following:


PHP 8.1 is maintained by the PHP Community only as Security fix only starting 2022-11-26. Keeping your PHP to the latest stable version is important for WordPress speed and security.

Versions prior to PHP 8.1 are not maintained by the PHP Community, although they may receive security updates from operating systems distributions.

End of life PHP versions:

  • PHP 8.3: 2026-11-23
  • PHP 8.2: 2025-10-08
  • PHP 8.1: 2024-11-25
  • PHP 8.0: 2023-11-26 last release: 8.0.30
  • PHP 7.4: 2022-11-28 last release: 7.4.33
  • PHP 7.3: 2021-12-06 last release: 7.3.33
  • PHP 7.2: 2020-11-30 last release: 7.2.34

I checked on my Web Host to see which version I’m running.


So I’m running 8.1.29

I decided to go ahead and try to upgrade to 8.3 so I clicked the [Try Another Version] link and when I did I saw:

You Have To Purchase It???

I decided, “Ok, let’s do it!”  I at least wanted to see how much they would charge me.

I clicked the [Purchase] button.

I discovered that I can’t do that.

WordPress, I’m Going to Leave You Soon

WordPress is terrible.  There are only three reasons any of us use it:

  1. It’s available (not much else out there)
  2. It’s (supposed to be) easy
  3. It’s difficult to leave because I have content I’d have to migrate. Oy!!!


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