Learning RISC-V Assembly: Anyone Else?

I previously worked through the book (by one of my favorite tech authors – Jeff Duntemann) x64 Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux[^]
There was a lot of build-up to read just to get to the meat. At least 100 pages or so. It was tough & I read a lot.

This RISC-V Assembly Book Is Amazing!
I recently stumbled upon this new book that I’m reading right now:

RISC-V Assembly Language Programming: Unlock the Power of the RISC-V Instruction Set[^]

This book :
1. gets right to the point – you start writing Assembly almost immediately.
2. Explains things really clearly — It has helped me put some ideas together that I’ve never understood and things seem much more clear.

Why Is It Easier?
I believe a lot of it is easier because it is based in the RISC-V Assembly.
Wow! You can really tell that RISC-V was built with all the “lessons learned” from x86/x64 Assembly

Getting the QEMU RISC-V Emulator Was Difficult
One thing that was very difficult was getting the QEMU RISC-V emulator going.
Unfortunately the book’s instructions were a bit out of date or wrong.

I found a great blog that got me going in no time[^].
No I can write and run the book’s code samples!

The Hardware Is on The Way
I have some hardware (where I can run some of these programs) coming today, too.
ESP32 C3[^]
Only $12 for two of them.

Anyone Else Learning / Writing RISC-V Assembly?
Anyone? Anyone?

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