Setting Up Debian 12.5: Adding SUDO Ability So You Can Install Software

Microsoft Edge on Debian

The first thing I wanted to do when I logged into Debian was install MS Edge.

I know it might sound a bit odd, but I’ve been running MS Edge on my main desktop box (Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS) and I’ve found that it works really well.

Why I’m No Longer Using Firefox

For the past three to fiv years I had been using Firefox exclusively, but a number of times I was watching videos and Firefox would lock up my entire system requiring a complete restart.

Super User For Software Installation

To begin installing software on your new Debian installation, you’re going to have to have SU (super user) rights.  But, I found it a bit difficult to get my account set up so I thought I’d document it here.

Why I Had A Bit of a Challenge

When I installed Debian I had set a root password during installation.  Apparently this creates the issue where your main login account has no root access and cannot install software.  This is explained at: sudo – Debian Wiki[^]

FYI – If You Need To Add A New User Account

I also found this very helpful when I needed to add an entirely new user account:[^]

Add Main Account To Sudoers File

Basically, all you have to do is login as the root account and add your main account to the sudoers file.[^]

First, login as root by running the su command:
$ su
You’ll be prompted for your root password.  Type it in and you’ll be root.

Now you can run the command:

$ sudo visudo

That will bring up the sudoers file in the Nano editor.

Move down and you’ll see an example of the root account.

Add your main account with a line like the following:

fakeName ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Exit Nano and save the file CTRL-X  y(for yes) <ENTER>

Exit the root account:

$ exit

Logout and login back in and you’ll be able to run sudo to install software.

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